External Rotary

With the carousel outdoor milking system, you're assured of a user-friendly system with a focus on your goats' wellbeing. The unique SAC service arm ensures that the milking cluster is attached and the vacuum starts automatically. Thanks to the ergonomic design, you are assured of good working conditions. A total solution for milking your goats.

Focus on animal welfare

An extremely user-friendly solution for larger herds and high-yield animals. It can milk more than 1,000 goats per hour. The optimal entry and exit gates, fitted with trap guards, are designed to prevent harm to the goats and guarantee a smooth milking process with a focus on animal welfare. Thanks to the unique feed dosage system (adjustable per animal) and the spacious, fully cantilevered box dividers, the goats are in place quickly and easily.

Healthy working conditions

The working conditions are ideal. As soon as the teat cups move downwards, the quickstart feature means that the vacuum is automatically activated and the entire milking process begins. The only thing that needs to be done is attaching the teat cups to the teats. The milk is transported with care to ensure that it retains its high quality. Thanks to the adjustable SAC Unifloor, the user is always at just the right working height.

Smart milking unit

The milking installation is fitted with a compact IDC milking unit that combines all necessary functions in a single device. These include: an electronic pulsator, simultaneous and alternate milking and milk-flow-controlled easing off, quick start, display, milk measurement and an alarm that sounds when milking is incorrect.

The advantages at a glance

  • optimal working conditions
  • the high milk quality is maintained
  • individual monitoring of goats: attaching for a second time without loss of capacity
  • goats are automatically separated