Balance arm

For perfect positioning of the milking claw

The balance arm supports the milk and pulsator hoses during milking, allowing the milking claw to hang optimally under the udder. The balance arm moves with the milk hose, both during attachment and during milking. The balanced counterweights push the milk hose to a certain point, so the milking cluster hangs squarely under the cow. The hoses move when the cow moves, and the balance arm ensures that milking remains optimal. With this clever yet simple solution, you and your cows will benefit from better and more comfortable milking.






SAC Balance arm is INNOV’SPACE 2020 prize winner!

One of the largest agri-business sector exhibitions in Europe with focus on livestock farmers – SPACE – is held every year in September in Rennes, France. This years’ exhibition is taking place – but in a different format due to COVID-19.
Our SAC-team in France has nominated our SAC Balance Arm to the Innovation award, and an independent jury of experts have found their winners among 70 applications.
…and today, SAC was granted a TWO-STAR AWARD.
Congrats to our fantastic team at SAC this big achievement.